Location, Location

Location, Location

So I am home now with my can opener and my kitchen sponge. The rule of threes is important but not right now. This conversation will only speak in points of two; can openers and sponges.

Can Openers: It is with a vengeful can of worms that I open these proceedings. What DJ knows the internal workings of a songwriter? How could a person take something so pure and abstract it to fit their point of view? There is a row between DJs and songwriters. This may very well be an eternal row never to be hoed or sown. It is with a heavy heart that I come to you to discuss this interval and eclipse in format. But know this, the originator is, almost, always correct. Do we need to dance more? Yes. Do we need to open up a song for interpretation to the illiterate? Yes. This is of no consideration in the matter of a song however. A song is a song. It was most likely written in 30 minutes but garnered from that songwriter’s lifetime of experience in matters that mattered on the subject. Everything else is just Karaoke after that.

Sponges: We are all absorbing a constant stream of input from as many sources as we have excuses. Let us not be bogged down by the impulse to be drawn up into a stream of something shiny. We all can shine, at times. It is not our place to reinterpret someone else’s shine. But do not be ashamed at how someone’s shine can be absorbing, insulating, and intoxicating. Ok, I used the rule of threes there.


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